The Filament Box Information

The Filament Box

Your very own prescription box made by Kaj & the team.

Kaj and the team have a round table talk and figure out what would create hair wins at home. Who doesn't want hair wins at home!?

In the box will be 3 prescription items, whether its styling product, or we think you need something else, like jewelry, satin pillow cases, scrunchies, towel turbans, candles, or even hot tools!


Can you make this a gift for someone?

ABSOLUTELY! we love wrapping presents and making your favorite people customized gifts!


Want to send a few?

Not a problem, email We will need some information on each person, then we can create a budget for each box and make magic happen!


Is this box okay for everyone?

We can customize a box for anyone! We have products for the short hairs, long hairs, beards, color treated hair etc.


When can I get my own box?

It launches October 15th!