A Guide for Your Hair Maintenance

A Guide for Your Hair Maintenance

When to book for your next hair appointment

Let’s talk about how often you should be coming in to get your hair done. On average hair grows  ¼ - ½ inch a month. Like the person, every head of hair is unique and will have a schedule that works best with their needs.

At Filament one of our priorities is happy, healthy hair. Making hair health our number one factor to consider when creating a hair plan. Talking to your stylist about hair goals is the best way to create a schedule that will suit you.  

 mens haircut

Factors to consider for when to book your next haircut:

  1. Your overall hair goals- are you growing it out or wanting to maintain a specific style or length?
  2. The length of your hair- shorter hair tends to lose shape faster than longer hair
  3. How healthy your hair is- while having a few split ends is normal; if you color your hair or use heat at home it can lead to more damage   
  4. The texture of your hair- different textures need more maintenance than others to keep curls/waves looking full and bouncy
  5. The density of your hair- finer hair may need to come in sooner to maintain the shape and health, while heavier hair may need weight removal more often 
Our Guide for Haircut frequency:
Short hair: 4-6 weeks
Medium hair: 6-8 weeks
Long hair: 8-16 weeks
Curly hair: 8-14 weeks 

long hair getting cut

Factors to consider for when to book for a color:

  1. Your hair goals and how high maintenance the color goal is- some goals may take a few appointments to achieve
  2. Regrowth/ grey coverage- this will depend on your comfort level and how much regrowth you are comfortable with
  3. Your at home maintenance and routine- hair care and heat styling affect the longevity of your color 
  4. The integrity of your hair- the health of your hair will determine the capabilities of your color and frequency
Our guide for color frequency:
Regrowth/ grey coverage: 4-6 weeks
Bleach and tone: 4-6 weeks
Solid color: 6-8 weeks
Foils: 6-12 weeks
Balayage: 6-10 months

 color bowl

We also consider your investment when we create a hair plan with you. We understand everyone's investments will be different and we hope to find a hair schedule that fits within your lifestyle. We offer a few maintenance appointments that can be alternated with larger appointments to keep you on budget.

Here is what we offer:
-clean ups*
-bang trims
-gloss appointments*
-face frame foils*
-$25 blowouts*


*Clean ups for short hair, this does not include a wash but shortens up the sides, back and around your ears.

*A gloss will freshen up your color by adjusting the tone and adding shine, it will not lighten your hair but will extend the longevity of your color between appointments. Great for adding life into faded or lackluster hair.

*A face framing foil in between a full foil is great to brighten up around your face and hairline, this includes a gloss as well to freshen and balance everything.

*A blow out is perfect to get that fresh from the salon feeling even when you don't need a haircut, we also have great add on treatments ranging from $15- $30 to really treat yourself

This is the general guideline we use for our clients at Filament. If you are looking for a guide on how you should be washing your hair visit our intentional washing routine blog post here.


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