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Intentional Hair Care: How to Blowdry

Creating the Perfect Blowout

Experience the salon-worthy blowout at home with expert tips on blow drying your hair. To elevate your styling routine even more, consider booking a personalized $25 blowout session with one of our apprentices. They'll guide you on the ideal products and techniques tailored to your hair type.

Starting with the right products and shampoo routine is key for a successful blowout. Check out our guide on intentional hair washing here. 

Essential Tools:

  • Blow dryer with nozzle attachment for a smooth finish
  • Hair products for moisture, volume, hold, smoothing, or shine
  • Round or flat brush for styling

Choosing the Right Brush:

  • Ceramic round brush aids in curl retention and will give the most volume
  • Flat brush will give you a straight, smooth look
  • Boar bristle brush adds shine and smoothness, great for anyone with thick wavy/curly hair

Our Top Product Picks:

  • Leave-in conditioner for hydration and manageability- 

Our recommendations: Innersense Sweet Spirit and Davines Oi Milk

  • Prep spray for heat protection and style retention- 

Our recommendations: Innersense Hair Love Prep Spray and Davines Blow Dry Primer

  • Volumizing mousse or spray for lasting volume and hold-

Our recommendations: Innersense I Create Volume, Innersense I Create Lift, or Davines Volume Boosting Mousse

Let's Begin

Step 1: Apply product to wet hair for optimal performance. Or as guided by your stylist. Professional products have less water in them so the water from your hair will allow for more manageability. 

Step 2: Start with the front of the hair to get rid of any cowlicks and to set the foundation of your style.Step 3: Pre-dry the roots with your hands to save time and minimize heat damage while maximizing volume.

Step 4: Dry hair in sections the same size as your brush size for desired style. You never want to rest the blow dryer directly on the brush as it can cause damage to your hair and will melt and warp the bristles of the brush.  

Step 5: Style hair from root to end, you want to avoid over drying your ends as they will dry faster than your roots. Focus on curl shape and volume by over directing the strand up and away from the head and rolling the round brush up and down the strand.

Step 6: Once the hair is fully dry and cooled, finish by running your hands through styled hair and adding a finishing product for shine and flyaway control.

Blow drying your hair with intention will give you more longevity to your washes. We highly recommend to always blow dry your roots to avoid extra moisture on your scalp as that can lead to irritation, itchiness, oiliness etc.

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