Filament Treatment Guide

Filament Treatment Guide

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Let's talk about treatments!! Everyone can benefit from a treatment, they address different areas of concern with your hair or scalp. They focus on build up, dullness, dryness, damaged hair, frizz, or flaky scalp. 

In this blog we are going to talk about all the treatments we offer. When booking your appointment online you can add any of these treatment options, they can also be added on the day of your appointment.


The Scalp Spa Treatment:

  • This is our stand alone treatment booking
  • Includes a full consultation, scalp exfoliation, a scalp scrub, a detox hair mask, and a wash and style
  • In-salon only
  • Can be added to any cut or blow out service, cannot be done with a color service
  • $48+ book here

Naturaltech Tailoring Herbal Hair Infusions Treatment:

  • This is a customizable treatment
  • Can be mixed to add volume, moisture, shine, strength, manageability, or blonde brightening
  • Provides immediate results 
  • Exclusively in-salon
  • Can be added to any salon service
  • $30 


Detox Hair Mask: (a Filament Favourite)

  • For all hair types, especially anyone with buildup from products, medications, environment, or hard water
  • Pre-shampoo treatment applied to wet hair and worked through roots and ends
  • 5-10 mins
  • $15 add on; $41 take home



  • Molecular repair treatment
  • Restores strength and elasticity to hair to help reverse damage done by heat, environment, or chemicals such as colors or perms
  • Leave-in treatment takes no extra time, it replaces your conditioner when you use it
  • Recommended for any color service to maximize the pre and post color treatment
  • The pre-color treatment is a salon exclusive treatment that will save your hair from damage (within reason)
  • $25 in salon; $15-$89 take home; better prices than Sephora!

Circle Chronicles Masks: 

  • Multiple options for all hair types
  • Good for moisture, shine, repair or scalp care 
  • Simple to use in place of your usual conditioner once a week
  • 5-15 mins 
  • $10 add on; $14 take home

Hydrating Hair Mask:  

  • Hydrating mask to repair and revitalise coarse, dry, or damaged hair
  • Use after shampoo and before conditioner to maximise benefits
  • 5-10 mins
  • $10 add on; $41 take home 

Solu Salt Scrub:

  • Exfoliating scrub to remove build up and leave your scalp feeling extra clean
  • Use in place of your shampoo every few washes or as directed by your stylist
  • Good for chlorine and mineral build up
  • $15 add on; $59 take home

True Enlightenment Scrub: 

  • Gentle exfoliator for your scalp
  • Pre-shampoo treatment with peppermint oil
  • Helps with flakes and scalp irritation, leaves your scalp feeling refreshed and stimulated 
  • $15 in salon; $60 take home

Harmonic Healing Oil:

  • Scalp oil treatment, helps remove silicone build up and soothes the scalp
  • Balances and nourishes your scalp for optimal hair health
  • Applied to fingertips and massaged into the scalp
  • Maximum benefits when left on overnight 
  • $10 in salon; $31 take home
Hair Renew Pre-wash Treatment:
  • Pre-shampoo treatment for dry, irritated or flaky scalps
  • Applied directly to the scalp with the applicator bottle before shampooing and massaged into the scalp
  • Take home only; can be done in salon with purchase of product 
  • Use every other wash
  • 5 mins- overnight
  • $50 the pre-wash treatment; $104 online in treatment kit

We know, that's a lot of treatments. All you need to do is tell us what you're struggling with and we can recommend which treatment would be the most beneficial for your needs. Treatment needs change seasonally as our weather can be extremely dry causing different areas of concern in the winter months.

Book your hair appointment now and add on any treatment, we can make adjustments at your appointment.

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