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Kajal | Owner

Band Role: Drummer
Ice Cream flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip
Harry Potter House: Gryffindor
Game of Thrones House: Targaryen
Specialty: helping out/ teaching



Coral | Stylist

Band Role: Banjo
Ice Cream Flavor: Earl Grey Lavender
Harry Potter House: Slytherin
Game Of Thrones House: Lannister
Specialty: Balayage, Cutting & Vivids

Danica | Stylist

Band Role:  Lead Singer
Ice Cream flavor: Sour Cherry
Harry Potter House: Slytherin
Game of Thrones House: Lannister
Specialty: Balayage, Blondes & Color Corrections

Kaylyn | Stylist

Band Role: Cowbell
Ice Cream flavor: Cookie Dough
Harry Potter House:  Hufflepuff
Game of Thrones House: Stark
Specialty: Balayage & Curly Hair 

Lisa | Barber

Band Role: Rubber Chicken
Ice Cream flavor:
Black Licorice
Harry Potter House:  
Game of Thrones House: 
Short Hair, Barbering

Paige | Stylist

Band Role: Bassist
Ice Cream flavor: Butterscotch
Harry Potter House: Ravenclaw
Game of Thrones House: Tyrell
Specialty: Long hair & Natural looking colors

Santina | Stylist

Band Role: Triangle
Ice Cream flavor: Rocket Popsicle
Harry Potter House: Ravenclaw
Game of Thrones House: Wildling
Specialty: Cutting, Blondes & Vivids