Intentional Hair Care: Styling

Intentional Hair Care: Styling

How to curl your hair with lasting results

Getting ready for wedding season? Below are some tips to get your curls to last all night long! These tips will also work great as prep for an up-do, a great foundation of curls will make pinning it up so much easier. 

Choose your hot tool: 

  • A curling iron will give you the most traditional curl, with the curl focused mostly on the ends. A 1” is the most universal size but the larger the barrel the looser the curl will be.
  • A wand will give you volume throughout the sections, and can give you more versatility with a traditional curl or an elongated beachy wave.
  • A flat iron will give a longer ribboned curl. Using a flat iron will give the most heat to your curl as you are pressing the hair between two heated plates ensuring even transfer of heat to both sides of the section. 

A common misconception is that higher heat will give longevity to your style however, long term this can dehydrate the hair and cause damage. It’s better to use a lower heat and move slower and more intentional with your hot tool.  

Tip 1: Start with clean, dry hair. It's easier to add texture and hold with products on clean hair than to refresh day 2 or 3 hair. 

Tip 2: Use texturizing products when blow drying. This sets the foundation for your style and will give volume and longevity. We love to blow dry a bit of dry shampoo at the roots as it gives some grip for any pins to hold onto. Our product recommendations: Refresh dry shampooBlow dry Primer

Tip 3: If your hair is fine or struggles to hold a curl, try rough drying your hair without a brush. Hands-only drying leaves some texture and body in your hair, which will help hold the curl. Our product recommendations: I Create Waves salt spray, Hair Love Prep Spray 

Tip 4: Section your hair. The number of sections depends on your hair density and the look you're going for. Ideally, sections should be no wider than your curling tool. Smaller sections will give tighter curls, medium sections will give looser waves.

Tip 5: Spray each section with a working hairspray before using your hot tool. Working hairsprays are light or medium hold, giving structure while still allowing movement. Our product recommendations: Invisible No Gas Hairspray

Tip 6: If you are looking for more curl or volume at your roots, focus the heat on your roots when curling. The ends of our hair need less heat to curl, so make sure the hair near your scalp gets enough heat, try holding it a bit longer at the top before moving down through the ends. You can also leave your ends a little straighter for a more lived in look.

Tip 7:  You don’t want to touch your curls when they’re warm. Always comb or brush out your curls once they are fully cooled. Brushing them out unifies the look and gives a beautiful finish. Use your fingers or a wide tooth comb if your hair struggles to hold curl as it may still fall a bit throughout the day. Use a regular brush for a looser curl or smoother look.

Tip 8: Once you are happy with your style, finish with some strong hold hairspray to lock everything in place for the whole night. If you are leaving it down you can use some oil on your ends for extra shine. or a smoothing cream/ lightweight paste for fly aways. Our recommendations: I Create Finish, Inner Peace Whipped Texturizer 

And voila! You're all set to let those locks shine all night long!

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