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Intentional Hair Care: Summer Hair care Tips

A summer glow up for your hair!

Have you ever wondered why your hair feels dry, dull, or brittle during the summer? Let's explore how summer elements can be affecting your hair unexpectedly and recommend essential products for maintaining happy, healthy hair throughout the warmer months. The key to your summer hair care routine is a UV protector and a Detox product. Just like our skin and eyes, our hair needs sun protection. Additionally, a detox is crucial even if you are using all salon-quality products, as various factors like environment, medications or diet can lead to buildup on your hair.

Summertime factors that can cause hair damage or build up:

  • Travel - Changes in your routine and products can affect your hair's health.
  • Sun - Excessive sun exposure can cause hair color to fade as well as lead to dry and brittle ends.
  • Air quality - Spending more time outdoors means greater exposure to air pollutants and debris in the wind.
  • Outdoor activities- excess sweating, infrequent shampooing, camping, and campfire smoke can all impact the condition of your hair.
  • Swimming- Frequent dips in the lake, pool, hot tub, or ocean can leave your hair feeling dry and dull.
  • Hard water - Hard water contains minerals and metals and can lead to hair build up that prevents moisture penetration into the hair strands. Think of the build up that occurs on your shower head or in your kettle and how this could also be affecting your hair.  
UV Protection Products: 
  • Innersense Hair Love Prep Spray - This styling spray strengthens your hair, offers UV and heat styling protection, and ensures your hairstyle lasts longer. Ideal for regular heat styling users.
  • Innersense I Create Shine - A serum that shields your hair from UV and environmental damage, reduces frizz, and adds a brilliant shine. Best for those seeking quick and easy protection and a shiny finish.
  • Davines Oi Milk - A lightweight leave-in conditioner that enhances your hair's softness, shine, and manageability while offering protection. Perfect for those who need a little extra moisture.
  • Davines Oi Oil - An oil that provides protective shine and frizz control. Recommended for those with very frizzy or coarse hair.
Detox Product Recommendations: 
  • Innersense Detox Hair Mask - A pre-shampoo hair mask that removes build-up and impurities, leaving your hair and scalp feeling moisturized and light. Depending on your hair needs, it can be used weekly or monthly. Suitable for everyone.
  • K18 Detox Shampoo - A non-stripping cleansing shampoo that removes build-up. Ideal for those with hard water containing metals like nickel, calcium, lead, zinc, iron that cause build up on the hair.
  • Davines Solu Salt Scrub  - A clarifying shampoo that exfoliates your scalp, gently cleanses, and removes impurities, leaving you feeling clean and fresh. Best for those spending a lot of time in pools as it helps get rid of chlorine build-up.
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